Improving Compressor Performance

Cook Compression views compressor performance the way you do… It’s not about maintenance. It’s about improvement. To that end, we offer a complete package of reciprocating compressor services, products, technology and expertise – backed by a commitment to optimize everything we do for your machines. Instead of simply replacing parts, you can boost efficiency. Instead of only making repairs, you can extend service life. Instead of struggling to meet regulations, you can make meaningful advances in safety and environmental compliance.

Comprehensive Technical Expertise

Cook Compression provides complete aftermarket service for reciprocating compressors, with the experience to meet everyday needs and the expertise to solve extraordinary problems.We handle everything from routine repairs, preventive maintenance and equipment optimization to emergency service, planned upgrades and major turnarounds – for any type of reciprocating compressor.

Compressor Valves

Engineered Polymers

Oil Wipers

Packing Cases

Piston Rings